HCAD presents at GHCA Breakfast Seminar

Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) representatives visited with Coffee Association members on February 6, 2018, to explain how importers can benefit from Harris County’s green coffee tax exemption.

GHCA Breakfast Seminar - Feb. 6, 2018
HCAD presented information on Harris County’s green coffee tax exemption. From left: Al Hernandez, Dupuy Houston, GHCA 1st Vice Chairman; Ricardo Arias, Port Houston, GHCA President; Tonya Nguyen, HCAD; Joseph Fritz, HCAD; Frank Files, Clark Freight Lines, GHCA Secretary-Treasurer; Hal Long, HCAD. Photo by: Laci Theriot, Port Houston.

The application for the green coffee tax exemption is a simple one-page form, number 11.33, and it only needs to be completed once per storage location. Companies do not need to apply annually. The deadline for submitting the form is April 30.

Even if a company is only storing green coffee in one of the warehouses in Harris County, it still needs to submit a Rendition of Stored Products form, number 22.15-SP, due April 1, that declares the goods being stored as of January 1. For companies that store both green coffee and roasted coffee or other products, it is important to differentiate between the products to avoid being taxed on green coffee.

The HCAD Business & Industrial Property Division is eager to help property owners understand the form requirements and complete the forms. Companies can contact HCAD at (713) 957-7800 for more information.

The Breakfast Educational Seminar with the GHCA is a quarterly seminar offered for members of the GHCA and other companies interested in the coffee industry. To learn more about the GHCA or to sign up for notice of future events, email coffee@txgulf.org or call (713) 678-4300.