About GHCA


Formed in 2001, the Greater Houston Coffee Association promotes and protects regional coffee trade through trade development initiatives, public outreach and networking, and advocacy for the industry.

The Coffee Association’s first initiative was to secure Houston’s status as a Coffee Exchange Port by the New York Board of Trade, and Association has been active as Houston quickly grew to become the 2nd largest exchange port in the country, and the only exchange port west of the Mississippi River.

With yearly conventions and quarterly meetings, the Coffee Association valuable opportunities to network and form business connections that add value and help your business grow.

Finally, the Coffee Association closely follows issues that affect coffee traders and businesses. Representing the industry to governmental agencies, the Association works to ensure favorable conditions for trade.

The Greater Houston Coffee Association is now reaching out to international and regional coffee producers and processors that recognize Houston’s unique location as the immediate gateway to over 60 million consumers and the fastest growing economic marketplace in America. For more information, give us a call at 713-678-4300 or email coffee@txgulf.org.